The 1/20 Program

"Thank you to everyone who told me I can't, you are just another reason I will." -Manny Pacquiao

1 in 20 kids have some sort of disability. The 1/20 Program is designed to help kids with special needs feel able, brave and confident!

1/20 is a mixture of exercises to build and develop social and fine motor skills, cardio vascular health, adding in meditation/yoga to aid in calming the mind and increasing focus, flexibility and stability in a fun, safe, social environment!

1/20 also provides parents a safe space for support and interaction with like-minded families.

The Boxing Rink/Deyoga Room specializes unique programs to help those with unique circumstances – such as our Rock Steady Boxing Program for Parkinson’s Disease and Senior Focus for the elderly, and now our 1/20 Program for kids with special needs to have a better quality of life, combining cognitive and physical exercises in a safe, social environment.