8 Week Boxing Program

"Every champion was once a contender who refused to give up." -Rocky Balboa

(ages 9-adult)

This program will teach the basics of boxing, and moving into more advanced movements and combinations such as hooks, upper cuts and punches to the body. Traditional boxing drills will be incorporated to increase cardio vascular strength. You will learn footwork drills to improve balance, how to bob and weave, catch punches and slip and roll. Focus mitt training and heavy bag drills will be incorporated into training as well. No sparring will be done in this class! Wraps and gloves required.


This picks up where the beginner program left and must be completed to register. This class is run like an open boxing gym. No sparring will be done in this class! Wraps and gloves are required.


We started with Mike with the 8 week beginner program 4 years ago and have participated in every intermediate program ever since. Both my boys LOVE it and love Coach Mike. Not only have I seen growth in the ring with their technical skills, but at home, at school – their attention span is longer and they are getting better grades!

Coach Mike is the BEST!!  My daughter loves the 8 Week Boxing Programs! In the Beginner program, Mike takes his time to teach the kids the basics of boxing. In the intermediate class, he takes it step further, and I have no doubt if she wanted to compete she would kick some serious butt!

My son and I take take the 8 Week Boxing Program together!  We started with the beginner and have kept up with the intermediate. It’s a great father and son bonding experience, and we enjoy learning how to box, get some sweat and stress out, and get to spend some good quality time together! Coach Mike is great with the kids and us old folks! lol!