Personal Training

"A champion is someone who get's up when he can't." -Jack Dempsey
Train like a champion! Work one on one with with Coach Mike, using boxing fundamentals to build you into a lean, mean fighting machine! We also offer Private Practice yoga instruction, as well as personal training for strength and SAQ training available with our team of trainers. We offer packages for singles, doubles, or small group training. Please inquire for scheduling.


My journey at the Boxing Rink has been just that a journey, a road that Mike guided and still today I benefit from his expertise.  Mike and I first met in 2013 just before my wedding, little did I know that my “wedding arms” desire would lead me to a relationship that grants me the opportunity to continue my personal training now as a mother of twin 3-year-old boys.

Mike knew from day one exactly what I needed; “wedding arms”, core building, and a place I can come and relieve stress. I have done personal training sessions and classes; all quality workouts with someone who truly cares about you and your health.  For me; Mike has become more like family he has been there on my last pushup before I got married, the journey of pregnancy, post twin baby body, enhancing my strength in my everyday clinical posture, and because of all this I couldn’t recommend a finer personal trainer.

It is very often I communicate with Mike after a workout; just to tell him thank you; thank you for being patient with me as a mom who runs into the gym after putting her boys to bed to sweat, encouraging me to do that one more push up, and just providing an environment that promotes healthy living. Thank you Mike and the Boxing Rink.

–  Megan