Senior Focus

"Ain't nothing wrong with going's staying down that's wrong." -Muhammad Ali

Senior Focus is a program that combines physical and cognitive exercises to challenge your body and mind in a FUN, friendly and social environment – for Senior Citizens only!

This is so much more than an exercise class.  Senior Focus is designed to give Senior Citizens challenging and safe physical activity, to gain flexibility, stamina and stability, while building confidence and mental wellness by improving cognitive function and sharpening memory. The idea to start the Senior Focus Program stemmed when Coach Mike started training his fiance and partner Barbara’s mother, Kathy Deyo, a 75 year old woman suffering from high blood pressure, balance issues, memory loss and, at the stern advice of her cardiologist, desperately needed to lose weight. It was the memory loss that concerned Kathy the most though. An MRI and a visit to the neurologist revealed that nothing was wrong with Kathy’s brain. It was just aging, like the rest of her body. And just like everyone’s body ages differently, everyone’s brain does too. Her number one recommendation? EXERCISE. Seeing Kathy’s vast improvement over such a short period of time inspired us to create this program to help as many people as we can.



“I have a very busy schedule, and I can come into Senior Focus yoga, and it brings me peace and relaxation, and helps me forget about all the things going on in my mind. The classes in the gym are helping my balance and memory, and I have lost over 30 pounds. Everyone in our age group can benefit from Senior Focus. I have brought some of my best friends to join the program, and they have all come to me individually to thank me telling me how glad they are that I asked them to come and how much better they are feeling – they just love it!  And I have a whole new group of friends!”

“I have been in Senior Focus for 6 months, since the program began. With the gym and yoga classes my balance has improved, and I have more confidence in performing exercises. The new friendships I have made is also a plus. I look forward to going to class every week!”

“I can get up in the mornings and walk much straighter and I don’t have the fear of falling like I used to have. I find I am much more energetic for a couple days after a class! We also have camaraderie here – we laugh together and support each other! Senior Focus has helped me so much!”

“I enjoy coming to Senior Focus! I especially like the yoga to help me with my breathing after my lung lobectomy. I practice at home now too!”

“I really like Senior Focus – it is helping my balance and energy level and I am having FUN!”