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THE BOXING RINK™ is an elite training facility for everyone from the serious athlete looking to increase their game, to the mom looking to get fit and reduce stress, to the kid looking to be the next Sugar Ray Leonard.

The Boxing Rink™ is housed in a 6,100 square foot facility, complete with a 20 foot boxing ring, two 27 foot shooting lanes for hockey training, twenty 110 pound hydro-heavy bags, a fully loaded free weight area, 2000 square feet of open mat for cardio conditioning, agility and boot camp training, and Deyoga Room for heated yoga.



Senior Focus is a new program that combines physical and cognitive exercises to challenge your body and mind in a FUN, friendly and social environment – for Senior Citizens only!

This is so much more than an exercise class.  Senior Focus is designed to give seniors challenging, yet safe physical activity, to gain flexibility, stamina and stability, building confidence and mental wellness by improving cognitive function.




A high intensity work out program, combining the best of The Boxing Rink and Deyoga Room, providing a mixture of cardio boxing, HIIT circuit training, invigorating, strengthening and restorative yoga to fuel your body and mind. Fusion is designed to provide a well rounded fitness, health and wellness program to create and maintain a better YOU!

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11 hours ago

The Boxing Rink

You never know who is going to roll through The Boxing Rink! When one of our members brought up that he was a huge Romantics fan, and had every member sign his album except Mike Skill - we said, we can make that happen! In town recording his solo album, he graciously came in to complete the set of autographs and a few other items for us, and let us be nerdy and take some photos! Lol! Thanks so much Mike Skill!! You rock!! ...

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1 week ago

The Boxing Rink


1 in 20 kids have some sort of disability. The 1/20 Program is designed to help kids with special needs feel able, brave and confident! 1/20 also provides parents a safe space for support and interaction with likeminded families.

1/20 is a mixture of physical and cognitive exercises to build and develop social and fine motor skills, cardio vascular health, adding in meditation/yoga (for parents and kids) to aid in calming the mind and increasing focus, flexibility and stability in a fun, safe, social environment!

The Boxing Rink/Deyoga Room specializes in unique programs to help those with unique circumstances, such as our Rock Steady Boxing Program for Parkinson’s Disease and Senior Focus for the elderly, and now our 1/20 Program for kids with special needs, to have a better quality of life!

Program launches June 1
Wednesdays 6-7pm
Saturdays 930-1030am
Pricing: $120/month for 2 days a week. $80/month for one day a week.

A one time assessment fee of $75 includes boxing gloves, speed wraps and drawstring bag. Contact Coach Mike at (248) 817-5243 or email to schedule your appointment.

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