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THE BOXING RINK™ is an elite training facility for everyone from the serious athlete looking to increase their game, to the mom looking to get fit and reduce stress, to the kid looking to be the next Sugar Ray Leonard.

The Boxing Rink™ is housed in a 6,100 square foot facility, complete with a 20 foot boxing ring, two 27 foot shooting lanes for hockey training, twenty 110 pound hydro-heavy bags, a fully loaded free weight area, 2000 square feet of open mat for cardio conditioning, agility and boot camp training, and Deyoga Room for heated yoga.


From Detroit News:
Patients hit back against Parkinson’s at Troy gym.
Therapy and support help fighters gain ground on deadly neurological disease.


The Boxing Rink is proud to be the first to bring Rock Steady Boxing to South Eastern Michigan. RSB is a unique exercise program, based on training used by boxing pros, and adapted to people with Parkinson’s disease, to help fight back and slow down the progress of PD, and build self esteem. Incorporating Deyoga Room, we have added Deyoga Stretch for PD classes (RSB Members Only) to our program! To set up an assessment and more information please contact Michael Martelli at 248-817-5243 or email Additional information about Rock Steady Boxing Inc. and Parkinson’s disease is available at and

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Train to be a champion! There are only a few days left before we begin our next session of our 8 Week Boxing Program with Michael Martelli! We have a couple spots open, so sign up quick!

Classes begin Sunday 9/11, and run through Sunday 10/30.
11am - Beginner program - Ages 9-adult

Register here: - Click on the ENROLLMENTS Tab to sign up.

Boxing training helps increase focus, attention and self-esteem, releases stress, anxiety and aggression, improves overall mental and physical health.

About the Beginner 8 Week Boxing Program: This is a progressive technical program that will teach the basics of boxing, and moving into more advanced movements and combinations such as hooks, upper cuts and body shots. Traditional boxing drills will be incorporated to increase cardio vascular strength. You will learn footwork drills to improve balance, how to bob and weave, catch punches and slip and roll. Focus mitt training and heavy bag drills will be incorporated into training as well.

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