benefits_of_boxingBoxing is one of the toughest sports around, and boxers are renowned as being among the fittest athletes, requiring a combination of agility, speed, power, strength and, of course, mental toughness.

Boxing cross training is a very effective way to improve an athlete’s overall athletic ability and performance within their primary sport. In the past, running and swimming were common ways of conditioning for all athletes in all sports. But in recent years, athletes are becoming bigger, stronger and more conditioned than ever before. This is due to cross training athletes with different techniques other than their primary sport.

Cross training makes them use their brains differently, to trigger muscles that may not be used as much, and make them move differently than they are used to – which largely increases balance and reaction time. Think about an athlete constantly playing the same sport all the time – all their movements become habits – they think less. Now you add to their training a new sport like boxing – boxing is unique in many ways from other sports, and this training can develop your body and mind in ways that many other sports do not.

Boxing develops coordination in many ways that improve athletes’ performance in their primary sport.

Not All Muscles Are Created Equal

Muscles are made up of two kinds of fibers – fast-twitch and slow-twitch muscle fiber.  Slow twitch muscle fibers are smaller in size, slower to produce maximal tension and more resistant to fatigue. They produce long-term contractions necessary for stabilization and postural control, such as standing in an upright position.

Fast-twitch muscles fibers are larger in size, quick to produce maximal tension and fatigue more quickly. These fibers are important for muscles producing movements requiring force and power, such as a sprint. Boxing uses both of these muscle fibers to extremes with punch combinations and movement.

Improves Cardiovascular Endurance

Boxing uses both aerobic (prolonged low-intensity cardio) and anaerobic (bursts of high-intensity cardio) exercises during training, much more than most other sports, so it offers huge benefits to all athletes of other sports.

Develops Mental Toughness

Boxing gives everyone a great deal of self-confidence, even if you do not compete. You will see a more aggressive and confident athlete. Boxing toughens physically and mentally and will increase confidence in everyday life for anyone whether playing sports or on the streets.

Increase Your Speed

Hand Speed – One of the best ways to develop hand speed is through focus mitt work. This requires the trainer to be in the ring holding mitts and moving the fighter around as he throws various combinations of punches to the mitts. The athlete has to think quickly and react as combinations are called out.

Foot Speed – Skipping rope is an awesome way to develop foot speed and agility along with other SAQ (Speed Agility Quickness) drills foot speed and coordination will improve tremendously. Quick feet are needed in all sports